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From Book 1: Sarah's late to her first day at her new job as secretary for Cooper The Sexretary's Next Big Assignment (The Sexretary's Adventures Book 2) (
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The monsters turn into dust most of the time, similar to Percy Jackson's monsters, but occasionally some of the bigger baddies will turn into giant mounds of goop. Gross enough to elicit a reaction, but nothing so severe that it will scare off the kiddies. I am particularly interested to see what ends up happening with the Folk Mage. So far he's been foggy, someone who only pops in one or twice to say something cryptic before moving on.

I'm sure there's a point to it, and I am curious to see how it pans out. Monsters always win everything forever! Sep 18, Kathy Davie rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , action , sci-fi , apocalyptic. My Take There's plenty of action, a touch of romance, and tropes galore. Hence the low rating. The most annoying trope was Joy moaning on and on about how she keeps screwing up.

Ohhh, the guilt of it all… So stop, already!

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Naturally, Joy is the only one who gets the innovative ideas that help the Hunters, from the revelations about the Hounds to using Aki-Do moves in conjunction with her magic. Yep, that old hero-who-saves-the-day trope. Then there's that blend of jealousy over a man being merely a friend with a woman combined with the female equality-slash-pigeonholing trope. The persecution trope with the Psimons ticked off as Joy keeps finding those dead bodies. Well, duh… Naturally, they're grooming Joy for a leadership role, which naturally, Joy hates for the attention it throws on her…oh, woe…again… Our poor modest Joy.

Okay, I do actually like the concept of Joy's character, but puh-lease, ease up on the tropes already!! I did like Kent's observation that reading about paintings doesn't make him an artist, lol. I also liked the message in Elite , that you're never stuck at one level, that you can always learn more. The sum-up that magic answers to belief can so easily be applied to other aspects of life.

Lackey also notes the difference between people raised at the Monastery and those in Apex City. How the Cits take safety for granted and wouldn't do well without all the protection that surrounds them.

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There's also the difference between the beliefs of one group that insist on pigeonholing half their people, to everyone 's detriment. There is an assortment of conflicts.

The obvious one is the increasing intensity of Othersider attacks. They're bad enough, but Ace is free and has crossed over to the enemy…and is focused on taking out Joy. Her uncle has set her a secret mission that brings her into conflict with a powerful group. Mark is desperate for her help, although Jessie has issues with this that are much too easily solved. And Josh is suffering his own conflicts. Why would Joy think the enemy would be courteous and let her pass in a battle? There is a quick reference to all the fan service that drove Joy mad in Hunter , 1.

Joy makes a rather terrifying observation at the end about Senior Psimon Drift…! A decision that will open her to PsiCorps scrutiny and the bad blood that exists between the prefect of police and PsiCorps.

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Worse, PsiCorps appears more interested in keeping Joy silent while not investigating these mysterious deaths. But this dangerous powerplay between Uncle and PsiCorps pales against the Othersider attacks surging in and around Apex City, strikes that, in hindsight, have been carefully targeted to destroy Hunters, and one in particular. The Characters The young Joyeaux Charmand is a Hunter whose pack has increased from her original seven Alberijes to eleven: Bya is the alpha, Dusana who is big enough for Joy to ride, Begtse , Chenresig , Shinje , Kalachakra , and Hevajra are the rest of the original pack.

The Hunters are… …humans whose magic comes to them in the shape of a mandala on the back of their hands, a design burned into them when their Hounds arrive for the first time. After that, Hunters can summon the Hounds — magic beings living Other Side, Alberijes , able to change their shape — who answer to them alone. The Hounds form a pack with each pack having different abilities and shapes; one type of Hound ability is bamphing , a. They feed on manna , magical energy, which is found in everything.

Hunters are divided into two levels: the Elite and the ranked. They answer to the prefect of police who is Joy's uncle. Grace is one of Uncle's secretaries. Josh Green , a Psimon, is her uncle's personal Psi-aide and Joy's boyfriend. Psimons are discouraged from forming friendly relationships with anyone. Rik Severn is in charge of Hunter personnel. The Elite Hunters are… …free of the media scrutiny paid to the ranked Hunters. Senior Elite Armorer Kent is the defacto leader.

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Hammer and Steel are brothers who form an effective partnership wielding their Walls; they have six Hounds. Archer is good with arrows. Retro is young, incredibly funny, and very interested in Joy. Scarlet is amazingly nice; her pack leader, Djinni , liked working with Joy's pack.

Flashfire 's skill is his pyromancy. Hawk , Bull , Siren , and Mei are more of the sixteen Elites.

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The ranked Hunters are… …revered as vid stars with their popularity rising or falling according to how the citizens view them. Mark "White Knight" is a Christer to whom the Hunters have warmed up and one of Joy's best friends here; he has four Hounds who look like lions and can fly. He calls them his angels. Bya and the rest like Mark and refer to his Hounds as the Saints. Back in Anston's Well, she'd been helping Doc Bellow. Apex City is… …on the East Coast, one of the few cities that has managed to resurrect itself.

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It is protected by two electrical Barriers. Premier Rayne is its leader. Bensonville and Zion are two cities that look to Apex City for protection. PsiCorps is… …another elite organization with more than their share of arrogance. They are referred to as Psimon and have mind powers such as the ability to alter your memories, telekinesis, mind-control, telepathy, psychokinesis, etc.

Everyone fears them. And she really hates both Charmands. Ace Sturgis was at the number one Hunter spot before his actions in Hunter.

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Now he's a prisoner used by the Army. Paules had been his brother. Army Mages include Prender and Kindsley.