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I will treasure this book forever. Thank you!! Eileen S. Note: Ce livre est aussi disponible dans Paperback. Cela me rappele mes meilleurs jours,. Mantenant que la vie est partie,.

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Je serai comme la pierre. Est un fragment de ma vie qui me chagrine,. Je veux atteindre aussi haut que possible. Quand je serai partie pour toujours. Elizabeth Talberg. Please, read my Essay is next. Thanks again. My Quality Screenplays.

Reading has always been a source of joy and discovery for me. In grammar school and high. I have always wanted to be an artist, a teacher and a writer. Through writing, I try to share my feelings, ideas and views with my readers. I travel frequently to Europe. I have lived in five countries, teaching languages, several of which I speak fluently. I am also a self-educated herbalist and support alternative medicine as natural healing. I grew up in a family where love and understanding were the most important values.

My family has strong roots in the art, and movies are always our passion, best entertainment, and amusement. Hence, my inspiration to write family oriented movies scripts. My best rewards are the letters from my readers, telling me how my poems have an effect on their lives, feelings and emotions.

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I am a vegetarian for more than thirty years. By the beginning of the millennium I already had spent several years strengthening my writing set, getting ready for my next challenge: screenwriting. I do have a confident mindset to make a significant impact in the movie industry, and I have the requisite commitment to develop a well-rounded story, or the perfect script. When I embarked myself in this project, I already knew how hard is to sell a movie script, however, my hope is to have the opportunity to contribute to the diverse landscape that is television and film.

Personally, I focus on issues that are important to people, and to social life. My scripts have a message, a "must listen".

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They are very entertaining original witty stories, and I believe that I am in the right place, at the right time, since to be a writer in Boston, the new tinsel town, is thrilling. As usually, to sell a script depends on whom you know. Frequently, scripts are sold not just because they are good, but because they were written by writers that have the luck of being friends of a friend, who happens to be in the movie industry.

To write my screenplays tested my energy, creativity, initiative and it is my hope that my solid cultural background, will convey to any production company. After all, writers write to sell, but also to make a valuable contribution to the entertainment industry. Screenwriting is not an easy craft, it requires hours and hours of hard work, trying to fill page after page, to create a good story that will appeal to millions of people all over the world, and movie-goers would love it.

In the past the scriptwriter was the silent genius behind the script, they deserved more credit than what they actually received, at present time, some scriptwriters are celebrities too, and very well paid, this is very rewarding. I deserve a chance, dedication and creativity should have a reward. In my scripts the Culture of Peace and Respect, replace the Culture of Violence and Disrespect, so popular in our media and our movies at present time.

Decisions taken inside the movie production companies, on what type of entertainment to invest their money, may affect thousands of people's lives, because movies are our sagas, our myths and our communal cultural heritage, and give families a chance to connect and communicate. My screenplays characters show qualities like responsibility, integrity, compassion, and honesty.

How many movies did you see lately with these qualities? I propose to celebrate life, love and music, with characters that go through journeys of healing and enlightenment, instead of shooting and death. I believe that films should help to find solution to conflicts and to teach to respect ideas and writings, while differing with other people views or causes. This does not refer to someone who sells his principles, but, it refers to personal challenges that each person faces when needs to choose peace-building projects, that can be as profitable as any other type of films.

Production companies ready to spend millions of dollars, should get this message. Therefore, I want to mention the connection from movies to music. Writing song lyrics for peace allow us to enjoy the benefits of positive messages, the results can be absolutely motivational, since peaceful lyrics can increase feelings of love and understanding among people all over the world. Instead violent song lyrics, increase feelings of aggression and such feelings can influence the way people view social interactions. So, how to reach there and sell my scripts, how to empower myself to face this intricate system?

All my letters were returned, having for an answer that agents only accept scripts from prestigious writers or referrals. I went to the internet trying to find sales strategies, but, all that I got were hundreds of websites trying to sell their services, for a fee of course, where they promise you connections that can sell your script just in days.

I want to succeed in my own terms, so I need to confront reality, after all, this is what I have been doing all my life.

Le pouvoir de l'amour - Paul Pyronnet

Traveling all over the world, prepared me to be independent and self-assure and this is a new challenge, that's all. Just wonder, are my peaceful enchanting screenplays suitable for producers who price more movies about violence than peace? The movie industry has the most amazing tools and technology to teach to new and future generations through films. When our educational institutions will admit that we have a problem that may have possible effects on our young people?

Films whose subjects are based on humanities and sciences prove to be really educational. Is the movie industry ready for my screenplays? My work as a screenwriter is intended to take quality movies to the screen. Search this site.