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Handbuch Ethik (German Edition) 3rd Edition, Kindle Edition. by Marcus Düwell Sozialphilosophie: Eine Einführung (Beck'sche Reihe ) (German Edition).
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The examination of the different topics will be prepared in form of reports and discussions. The course is concentrated on Germany. But it is possible to select also a region abroad for the own investigation. Blackbourn, D. Vom Erdaltertum zur Gegenwart. Springer, Berlin. Glaser, R.

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Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt. Henningsen, D. Look, E. Die bedeutendsten Geotope Deutschlands. Semmel, A. Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart, 5. Kostenfrei herunterladbar unter www. Die Karte Background: Learning stages, the competency term, the competencies balance sheet as a tool, employability, active principles of the exercises. Today, projects are an integral part of everyday work as an engineer. Project management knowledge supports you in your future work in the field of science, research or business.

In the modules, you will experience the project management process from the initiation, the definition, the planning, the control, the implementation up to the project close down.

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In practical exercises, you should apply your learned skills in 2 project teams directly at the event. Take advantage of proven international IPMA International Project Management Association project management standards and the practical experience of the tutor. The soft skill seminars for students participating in the dual study programme dual TUHH are part of the programme. During the seminars, students will be trained in soft skills.

Moreover, relevant skills required for studying at TUHH as well as working at companies will be coached. Entrepreneurial Strategy. Business model generation. Several studies have demonstrated that engineering students need support in developing extra-curricular competences. In this regard, it is not only necessary to consider the accompanying changes from the perspective school-university.

The kind of subject matter to be managed in engineering curricula plays an important role. Extra-curricular skills, such as the mastery of time management or self-motivation are not only crucial for successful studies but also for succeeding professional life. This seminar should enable the students to critically reflect their learning behavior and enhance it in accordance with personal strengths and weaknesses.

This should ultimately allow the students to follow a goal-oriented learning process. In order to achieve this aim, methods for self-organisation will create the fundamentals and will be developed altogether and discussed in class. The seminar should also enable a platform for promoting mutual support and a better networking between students. Cerwinka, Gabriele u. How does technology enter society and how does it define the human image?

These are questions that preoccupy artists to this day and that are the core of their work. Fascinated by inventions such as automats or new, high-speed modes of transport, they have had a crucial influence of the image of the arts. William Turner was the first to paint a locomotive, while Adolph Menzel was involved in painting pictures of modern industrial workers.

Their pictures and works by many other artists viewed technology critically, glorified it, moved it to mythical realms or transformed it into ambivalent visions of the future. Thus art and technology does not involve delving into artistic techniques. Instead, the seminar explores how artists face up to the modern phenomenon whereby new technology plays a decisive role in defining the image of humankind and culture.

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The main reasons for this self-endangerment are cross linked effects and side effects caused by the huge technological progress of the last years. Its success is due to not taking into account cross linked patterns in ecological systems and - in general - to a mechanical understanding of nature. One topic in this seminar is how the materialistic and mechanical worldview has developed since the ancient Greeks.

To understand the underlying patterns of this mindset is an important prerequisite for dealing with the current ecological and economical challenges of our time. They also have to handle hyper-complexity and are not competent enough to do so. Finally we look at the context in which engineers act as specialists or managers - in terms of leadership, communication and motivation.

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More often the complexity of social self-endangerment is an issue of individual concern rather than of managerial and strategic thinking. Looking at the position of managers between the poles of social responsibility and economic responsibility means to deal with issues like value management and ethics. The 20th century is characterized by revolutionary discoveries in the sciences and their reception in literature and film.

Some scientific revolutions are also perceived as cultural shifts: For example, quantum physics changes our perspective on time and reality. In the center of the seminar we will focus on selected works by authors and filmmakers, who deal intensively with the scientific developments of their time.

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  • Module: Nontechnical Complementary Courses for Bachelors.
  • El puerto del acero: Historia de la siderurgia de Sagunto (1900-1984) (Estudios) (Spanish Edition)?

We will have a close look on literary and cinematic receptions and adaptations of mathematics, relativity and quantum physics. But we will also discuss questions of scientific responsibility and decidedly skeptical assessments of modern science. As a second level of reflection we will assess current scientific-theoretical debates. The central question will always be: what does scientific discovery mean for our understanding of the world, and how does knowledge affect contemporary culture?

Selected topics from engineering education research methods, results, implications for teaching. Zeitmanagement neu entdecken, Goldmann Verlag Stollreiter, Marc u. Practical use of speaking and voice in connection of commercial contexts, as contract negotiations, presentations, lectures, etc….

Voices importance and expression in global business - including facial expressions and body talk - transfer of message. Amon, I. Obermaier, P. Goldegg Business. Fischbacher, A.

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Voice Sells. Offenbach: Gabal. Enkelmann, N.

Gutzeit, S. Die Stimme wirkungsvoll einsetzen. Weinheim: Beltz Verlag. Bergauer, U. Praxis der Stimmtherapie. Berlin: Springer.


Coblenzer, H. Erfolgreich sprechen.

Hey, J. Der kleine Hey-Die Kunst des Sprechens. Mainz: Schott.